Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? Only a few days left and it makes me look back, reflect, and wonder WHERE did the time go? How did I spend my time? Of course, it’s better to reflect on how time is spent sooner, but you can use this time to help you launch a better upcoming year.

Today’s seasonal post is about the 10 Things You Should Run Out to Get Done BEFORE The Year Ends.“Happy Family Running At The Lawn” by photostock

  1. Spend Your FSA If you have a flexible spending account, NOW is the time to use it. Need an eye exam? Get it now! Spend your FSA balance on glasses, contacts, whatever your account allows for! Want to stock up on some cough and cold medicines before the winter colds arrive? Now is the time! Did you need an end of year chiropractic adjustment since you’ve seen your holiday credit card bill? NOW is the time to get it! Check your FSA terms, you might even be able to get a massage if you can show it’s needed for medical purposes. In some cases, you may be able to get an extension on when the FSA dollars expire but in most cases when the clock strikes midnight, your FSA dollars expire.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I discussed charitable contributions. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to do it now. Here is that article to help you know what you may be able to deduct on your taxes in April. 12 Tips for Year End Charitable Donations
  3. Speaking of tax time, now is a good time to prepare for taxes. Make sure you have your receipts from expenses and donations aside. Label a large envelope or folder 2015 Taxes to put in the tax documents you will begin receiving come January. This is a good place for your expense and donation receipts.
  4. Get all your health visits in – dental cleaning, medical checkups, eye exam – all before year end (if you can get an appointment this late – for next year, make these appointments now!) and be sure to use your FSA!!Y
  5. Max out your Retirement Account You have just a few days left to make your final retirement account contributions to your Roth, Roth IRA, and 401K accounts. Talk with your financial advisor or accounting advisor on what you need to contribute to maximize your contribution.
  6. Return Gifts and other items – You may have received some gifts that need to be exchanged or returned, now is the time to get that taken care of and start the new year fresh!
  7. Donate, Sell, Trash – While you’re cleaning up around the house and preparing your year end donations, this is a good time to do year end cleaning – no need to wait until spring – afterall the weather is like spring Now! Put into differ
  8. Prepare your Calendar for next year – Doesn’t it seem like birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates seem to creep up on us? Get out one of the calendars you received for the holidays or buy one now at the discounted prices and write in ALL the birthdays, anniversaries, etc. for next year. Put into your Google calendar or other digital calendar these as well so your phone or computer can alert you a few days in advance to give you time to get gifts, cards, etc. and mail them if needed. This is a great way to look organized next year!!
  9. Put this Year behind you – clean up the storm and have a fresh start to the New Year! The holidays probably left you with a mess. You’ll find bits of wrapping paper under the couch, leftover food you won’t be able to eat anymore of, and boxes upon boxes that should be broken down to be stored or recycled. Then give your house a vacuum, mop, and overall cleaning. Now that you’ve donated and thrown items away, you should have the space to actually clean! The New Year will be off to a fresh and organized start!
  10. File any claims – While it may not be fun, like cleaning or getting ready for taxes, filing health or other claims is just something to get done and why not finish out the year knowing you took care of these? You can start the new year knowing you got the ball rolling in clearing these things off your plate.

What are some things you do at the end of each year? Comment below to share and give our readers more ideas.  Be sure to share to Facebook these 10 tips today, there are only 3 days left in the year to get this all taken care of and the clock is ticking!

Thank you for reading today and everyday. Thank you for commenting and sharing. I appreciate you and am grateful I can give you value. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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