Preparing High Schoolers for Their Financial Future

High school students are only several short years from adulthood – and with it, the financial freedom to take out loans, sign leases and charge to credit cards.  Many teenagers don’t have the patience for long financial conversations, so prioritize the following tasks and discussion topics. Help open a checking account. Children over the age [...]

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401K And HSA Planning

So it's the start of the year and you're looking into the future ... this year and for retirement. A Different kind of health plan: HSA First let's talk about an HSA or Health Savings Account. In my world of real estate, most of us are independent contractors who pay for our own health insurance [...]

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Financial Planning at Every Life Stage

Financial Planning at Every Life Stage Just like there are four seasons in a year, there are different seasons of financial planning during your lifetime. Financial planning can help you can gain a better understanding of where you are at financially, how to prepare for challenges that may be ahead, and how to plan for [...]

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