This weather has been gorgeous! Temperatures have hit 60 degrees, the sun has been shining, and the ground is finally drying from the snow and rain we’ve been fortunate to experience.

If you took advantage of the cold weather (during that short 2 weeks!) and pruned trees and bushes, I applaud you! If you missed that window, there is still a chance the weather will cool again and you can take that opportunity as it comes.

One of the great reasons to live in Georgia is that you can garden nearly all year round and have beautiful curb appeal for everyday living and have your  home ready for sale, anytime.

To have even a simple garden of a few flowers at the entrance of a home to greet visitors and at the front of the house for a little “POP”, can make a huge difference in how welcoming and inviting a home can be. Even consider a few container gardens you buy already pre-filled with plants that you simply water periodically to beautify the front and, yes, the back of you home too!

Plants not only add curb appeal, but the right plants can ward away pesky insects like mosquitos, attract butterflies or hummingbirds if you’d like, and even add a light scent to the air.

Our home improvement centers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware and nurserys like Pike Nursery as well as the local nurserys have an abundance of plants to choose from anytime of the year. From annuals to perennials to container plants to herbs to vegetables, from shady to sunny areas, there is enough variety to satisfy any landscape, large and small, alike.

If you want help with a garden design, some of the large and small nursery centers will gladly help you. If you want to find some bargains on container gardening, you might take a trip to Garden Ridge, now called At Home for a wide variety of gardening planters, large and small .

Want to know what will grow in Georgia and what the plants will look like? Visit Smith-Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw who houses more than 3,000 species of plants native to America where  you can ask questions about what to grow in shady areas, all day sunny areas, and in our unique Georgia clay!

If you think you’d like to start a garden as a hobby, you might like to visit forums where you can ask questions, make observations, and find out why something isn’t growing well or what could grow well. One of the most popular gardening forums is GardenWeb.

A friend of mine has a neighbor with, hands down, the best garden in the neighborhood! He has beautiful flower gardens as well as vegetable gardens and he changes out the plants throughout the year. If you have someone like this in your neighborhood, they would be a great source of advice!

Do you garden and want to share some do’s, don’ts, or other tips? Please comment below to let us know!

Happy Gardening!