If you’re on the market to buy a home, of course you want to see the inside of the homes so you truly get a feel for how a home “feels” like and looks like if you were to live in it. What better way to see homes and not be tied to down to too much of a schedule, route, or a realtor, than exploring open houses in the areas you’re interested in buying? With the age of the internet and social media, you can find out a lot of what’s going on NOW simply by going to the trending social media hot spots, Facebook and Instagram being your biggest places to go to. georgia open houses

How to Search Social Media for Open Houses

If you are looking on at social media, use the hashtag ( or pound sign # ) and then added an area we want to look, in this case, Marietta. ie: #openhouses Marietta.

You can use just the hashtag plus openhouses without a location, specifically. This will bring up all those posts that use this hashtag, world wide. While fun to see, it won’t help narrow down your search.

Alternately, if you have a favorite realtor or know of a a few realtors or their offices, you can simply look up their Instagram and or Facebook pages to see what Open Houses they may be listing, with details of the homes and their addresses.

The Best Online Open House Website

Not all realtors use the Hashtag OpenHouses to market their open houses, making it more difficult to to find local open houses. For homes in Georgia, simply go to GeorgiaOpenHouses.com. Here you can narrow your search by county, price minimum and price maximum, type of homes for sale (single family homes, condos, and townhomes), and the dates you will be out looking.

Georgia Open Houses will give you as many photos as you’ll see in homes for sale listings, giving you great previews in moments before driving anywhere. The best part? This website is available to the public without any restrictions!

Don’t want to wait until the weekend to see homes? We can make arrangements to see homes outside of Open Houses days and times and times that are convenient for you! Contact us today so we can help you find your dream home today!

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