So you want access to the GA MLS on your home search in Marietta GA, right? (or maybe Kennesaw GA or any homes for sale in Georgia?)

You may not be ready to call on an agent for help just yet. You may be in the browsing, just curious step of your home search. You might not even 100% certain you are ready to buy or sell your home, right? Then having access to the GA MLS is just what you need. Ga mls Marietta GA real estate photo from


If you want the most updated home for sale search tool for Marietta GA homes for sale, then you want to use what the professionals, what Realtors use. The GA MLS will let you search based on what YOU want. want 2 bedrooms or 6 bedrooms? No problem! Want to search homes in a certain zip code or school district? No problem! Want to look at a condo or change your mind to a townhome or maybe a single family home is what you finally decide on? Change your mind on the fly and see the homes that fit your criteria for homes in Marietta GA or Kennesaw GA or any Georgia Homes For Sales for that matter, all with a the click of your mouse or tap of your finger with the GA MLS App to go.

The GA MLS is a trusted search tool that has more homes listed than any other home sales search tool for Georgia homes for sale. Georgia homes for sale listings are currently over 49,000 on the GA MLS and it’s the middle of winter! Over the past 12 months, nearly 99,000 homes have sold that were listed on the GA MLS!

Most, if not all the Realtors in Georgia use it to list their new GA home sales listings as soon as a client chooses to sell their home with a professional so your database access is larger than any other for homes in Georgia and specific areas like Marietta homes, Kennesaw homes, or broader searches like Cobb County Homes.


We get it, sometimes you want to do searches by yourself or in addition to working with a realtor. And we ENCOURAGE this! This empowers you to change criteria that will help you find what you want and empowers you to have greater control and knowledge of the market in sales prices, in homes for sale now, and comparing neighborhoods. This also empowers you to get updated information so you can take your Sunday drives to simply get familiar with new neighborhoods.

What’s the easiest and best way to access the Georgia MLS without having to pay what Realtors do to have access to this homes search tool? Simple, we have set up this website, Neighborhoods Around Atlanta to give you full search access without even having to leave this site! And the best part? When you have questions, contacting us is easy to get help, advice, and access to see the home of your dreams.


If you have decided to sell your home as a For Sale By Owner, the good news is, you can STILL Us the GA MLS by simply using our website! We are here to serve you. This search engine is a great tool to help you know the price of homes on sale in your area right now so you can price competitively. Should you decide you’d like to know what homes sold for in your area and if there are other variables to the pricing of a home, be sure to talk with us in how we can give you professional advice. Ask us about listing your home on this highly seen search tool so you can reap the rewards of the largest database of GA Homes for Sale.

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