As so many of us work on our New Year’s Goals, I hope you’re thinking BIG! Dreaming Big, creating Big Goals, Imagining Big Things for next year. The SKY’s The Limit! If you need a little time to work on these goals or anytime or just give you and your kids a place to work off some energy (much needed with all this rain in Atlanta lately!), go to SKY ZONE, an indoor trampoline park. With Dodgeball games and even leagues, Skydunk (like basketball but on trampolines!), fun trampolines to bounce on and off the walls, even into a 10,000 foam cube pit, there is something for even the smallest tykes to the parents and everyone in between …. even the teenager who doesn’t want to be seen with you! “Jumping” by Vlado

I have a friend who has her son’s birthday party there recently; those kids were WIPED OUT afterwards! 60 minutes of non stop jumping, playing, and being with friends then loading up on pizza and sugar from the snacks and cake? Yep, sounds like a good party to me!

Want to get in shape? SkyZone offers SkyFitness/SkyRobics where you can burn up to 1,000, yes, I said 1,000 calories in an hour with low impact healthy and fun workouts – a perfect way to get in your New Year’s exercise.

Competitive? Get involved in SkyJam – the competitive Dodgeball team! Yes – you TOO Could be the next Peter Le Fleur and like Patches O’Houlihan said in the movie Dodgeball, “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”  then YOU might be the Next Dodgeball Champ! Or just join in on some of the pick up games for pure fun with just a little competitive spirit.

If you have little ones under foot, Toddler Time might be just the thing to get them ready for a nap after lunch and give you just a little time for yourself.

And why not plan Now for the Spring Break? Enroll your motley crew in SkyCamp so they aren’t bugging you with How borrrred they are! They can meet new friends, learn new tricks, and come home excited (and maybe even a little tired!) plus it will keep them active instead of on Minecraft or Call of Duty all day.

Located in Kennesaw, Roswell, Suwanee, Peachtree City, and McDonough, there has GOT To be a place nearby you! Find out when all the activities and addresses are here:

(And be sure to check out Groupon, Living Social, and or SweetJack for discounts!)

Have a great experience at SkyZone you are willing to share? Comment below so others can know 🙂 Then be sure to share this post on Facebook – your friends might thank you with a wine toasting for the tip!

HAPPY NEW YEAR From our family to yours!

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