There is a great battle, and it’s not the Kennesaw Mountain Battle, no, it’s the battle of where is the better Maritta GA Place to live – East Cobb or West Cobb County?

What’s the Difference Between East Cobb & West Cobb County?

FiCobb County Smyrna GArst, let’s talk about location.
East Cobb  is considered anything, in Cobb County, that is East of I-75.
Alternately, West Cobb is considered anything in the county, West of I-75.
East Cobb is located closer to Fulton County and has shorted access commutes to I-75, I-400, and downtown.
West Cobb has access to I-75, I-575, and I-285 by way of South Cobb.

What about the Cobb County Schools?

Schools in both sides of Cobb County are excellent.
East Cobb has the very highly ranked Lassiter, Pope, and Walton High Schools.
West Cobb has the highly ranked, and new, Kennesaw Mountain, Hillgrove, and Harrison High Schools.

How’s the Real Estate & Shopping in East Cobb vs West Cobb?

East Cobb, or as some people call it, Snob Cobb has generally higher priced homes because of its proximity to highways and Fulton County. It it close to the Chattahoochee River National Park that has miles of hiking and biking. It’s nearby the Avenue at East Cobb with shops like Pottery Barn, Gap, and Williams Sonoma, Panera Bread Company, and over 40 others. Nearby you’ll find theaters, Whole Foods,  Trader Joe’s, plus Roswell is just a few moments away where you can hike the Mills, dine at on Canton Street, and not far from Avalon.

East Cobb is close to the largest lake in Georgia, Lake Lanier. Lake Lanier has boating, homes, beach access, a water park, and at the holidays, holiday lights with over a million lights.

West Cobb, or, as some people call it, Corn Cobb has home prices that are generally lower but is still a mecca of shopping and activities. In West Cobb you’ll find Avenue West Cobb with shopping at Barnes & Noble, Talbot’s, Justice & Brother, Peachmac West Cobb (an Apple store), Anne Taylor, and dining at Ted’s Montanta Grill, Panera Bread, and Aspen’s to name a few of the over 40 stores. West Cobb is also home of Lost Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain where there are multiple entrance points for hiking, walking, and horse riding.

West Cobb is nearby the 2nd largest lake in Georgia, Lake Allatoona Here you will find beach access, water parks, boating, fishing, and homes on and nearby. Lake Allatoona runs up into Bartow County.

East Cobb or West Cobb

Choosing to live in East Cobb or West Cobb will be a personal choice based on budget, lifestyle, and preference.

If you like outdoor activities, while both have great places to hike, walk, and run, it’s really a matter of the type of scenery you like. Autry Mill near East Cobb has pretty waterfalls while Kennesaw Mountain in West Cobb has flat, steep, and moderate trails in both the sun and shade. Both have great picnic spots and are both appropriate for family activities as well pets.

Both East & West Cobb have an abundance of parks, kids sports and other activities, and loads of shopping and dining.

While both have moderately priced to luxury homes for sale in Marietta, Kennesaw, and surrounding plus highly ranked schools, the final determining factor may be where you work or need to commute to and the homes and schools nearby a reasonable commute.

Kennesaw GA was ranked in Family Circle as one of the best places in the country to raise a family.

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