Today is got UP to a balmy 18 degrees F. If you don’t know, that’s REALLY Cold for us down here in the South! We have a 12% chance of snow … also unusual for us. A welcome possibility for some of my friends’ kids … and maybe for my friends so they can have some snow days off work!

When it’s this cold, there are some things to remember – first – did you read my past post about winterizing your house? You’re probably wishing you did about now … it’s (hopefully) not too late!
Here’s that post 8 Things to Do to Winterize Your Home & Save Money

Here are a 5 things to remember and to keep warm.

freedigitalphotos.net1. If you have pets, do NOT leave them outdoors or even in an un-insulated and warmed garage or shed. BRING THEM Indoors. Imagine if YOU had to stay outside in this cold with just a light sweater. It’s cruel and no one should be treated this way. Bring them in and keep them warm.

2. If you’re not home all day, no need to keep your thermostat too high but don’t lower it too much because it will take as much energy to warm it back up when you return home. Keep it one degree lower than normal and it won’t take long to heat when you get home.

3. Don’t close doors. The tendency may be to close up doors to keep heat within certain areas. Don’t do this. You may be closing off areas of the house the thermostat is reading and if you’re closing it off, the heat will run longer to reach the temperature on your thermostat. If you’re finding some rooms to be cold even with doors open, slightly close those vents nearest the furnace so it doesn’t turn off so soon and the heat can reach rooms further away. Over a short period of time this will keep the temperature throughout more of your house where you want it.

4. Get cozy! Don’t want to pay for the extra degree of heat? Bundle up with sweaters, warm socks, under a blanket even! If you have hard wood floors, lay down rugs to help insulate, this can be especially handy if you have a cold crawl space beneath your main level.

5. Fire up the fireplace and remember to be sure it’s clean! If you have a wood burning stove, this is a great time of year to fire this up while you’re home. It will save some money, be cozy, and keep warm! You could even pop some popcorn over the logs!!

Did you get some value from this post? Please comment below if you have more ideas to share. Remember to share with your friends so they can stay warm too!