In addition to Pricing; Staging and Preparing your home for sale is vital to selling your home quickly for top dollar. No detail can be overlooked when creating a showcase home in terms of space, condition and cleanliness. Staging is not decorating. Decorating appeals to the person living in the house; staging is positioning the home to appeal to the psychological needs of the buyer. Staging creates impressions that build an emotional connection to help Buyers imagine living in the home. Well staged homes look better, photograph better, show better and sell faster than non-staged homes.


Make your kitchen look more spacious by removing everything from the counter like the coffeemaker, toaster, blender, etc. Your eat-in kitchen and dining room should have a table and chairs in it to showcase the rooms’ purpose. Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the room look larger. Set the dinner table or counter bar to help buyers envision the room. Make sure the inside of your cabinets are organized and clean. Remove all non-essential items so the cabinets look more spacious. Remove notes, pictures and coupons from the refrigerator door.

Great Room/Family Room

Create a focal point in the room such as a built in bookcase, fireplace, or entertainment center. Take down personal photographs and family items that create the sense that this is your home. You want the buyer to see themselves living there. If you have a favorite “old” chair that doesn’t go with the rest of the furniture, remove it. Big furniture can weigh down a space. Have your DVD collection, CDs and video games out of sight. Remove all knick-knacks under 10 inches tall.


Make sure the closets are as spacious looking as they can be. Remove all the clothes, shoes, and items that you won’t be using right away. Candles and fresh flowers are excellent accessories on bedroom furniture. Make your bed look pretty and make sure the bedspread or quilt fits the bed properly and hangs low enough to cover the view under the bed. Buyers won’t look under the bed, so you can store other non-essential items there. Put away the stacks of reading material on night stands and leave room for one good book. Put away all items that are hanging off the backs of doors. Cluttered and clanking doors often make the room feel smaller – especially if they don’t allow the door to open all the way. Coordinate your clothing in your closets. Hang your clothes by category: all blouses together, all shirts together, buttoned and facing the same direction. Line shoes up neatly so it looks as organized as possible.
In kids’ rooms, posters, photos, drawings and awards are all personal items that should be taken down for showing the house. You want the buyers to imagine the rooms as their own. Be sure to put the toys in boxes or bins, and slide them under the bed. Items that you don’t need should be taken out of the closet to make them more spacious.


Remove everything from the counter top, except pretty soap sets, candles or fresh flowers. Place personal items (such as hairdryers, makeup kits, and hairbrushes) in cabinets or drawers. You’re your best –looking matching towels.


You want the basement to appear as large as possible for future expansion. Tidy up and organize your basement. Discard, donate or recycle items you can give away. If you have unfinished concrete floors, paint the concrete to give it a cleaner look.

Laundry Room

Clean and polish the washer and dryer to give them a bright and shiny look. Put all detergents, laundry items and irons out of sight. Remove any residue that may have accumulated in the laundry sink. A bright throw rug in front of the washer and dryer will often help cheer up unfinished laundry rooms.


Curb appeal is crucial to a good first impression. Clean the outside. A sloppy exterior will make buyers think you’ve slacked off on interior maintenance as well. Be sure to clean the gutters and pressure wash your home’s siding. Make sure the yard is always manicured as this is the first thing a prospective buyer will see. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, weed the garden and plant flowers. Create a good patio space for entertaining. Make sure to clean patio furniture and have fresh flowers in each pot.

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