New to the area or just getting to know the area better? You might be getting some winterization done and preparing for spring renovations. If so, Lowe’s on Dallas Highway, by Tac Mac is a great Home Improvement center. As large as the other well known, “orange” home improvement center, the prices are competitive (sometimes better!).

What’s great about Lowe’s? My clients, friends and I have experienced friendly, helpful, and valuable service from the Lowe’s employees. They approach you with a willingness to serve and be of value to you. When you’re making decisions in areas of the home you may not be an expert in, it’s nice to be able to rely on experts who are knowledgeable and friendly.

As spring approaches, curb appeal will be important whether you want to sell your home this year or in future years. Preparing your house to be the one passersby admire will make an indelible mark in their minds. You can start getting bulbs and flowers ready to plant. Your Lowe’s garden center reps will be able to guide you here.

Their paint department is also extremely helpful.  A friend was making some costumes last summer and needed spray paint but couldn’t find it and the helpful staff made sure they found exactly what she was looking for. It was a small purchase but she left super happy!

You see, no matter how small or how big the item, Lowe’s staff will be sure that YOU are happy when you arrive and when you leave. That’s pretty cool!

Have you been to this Lowe’s? Share a good experience you’ve had!